Art and Entertainment

  • 16th Street Theater

    Berwyn has long been a creative hub for individuals looking to express themselves, and 16th Street Theater serves as a great place to see this creativity on full display. Located just a few blocks south of Roosevelt Road, entertainment stems further into the heart of Berwyn.


    Formed in late 2007, Berwyn’s only professional equity theater is the collective brainchild of Artistic Director Ann Filmer and the North Berwyn Park District. Not only are productions in full swing all year long, 16th Street Theater also offers classes to kids and adults looking to express themselves through performance art. Stop in and take part in our Handcrafted Community.

  • Art In Berwyn

    The culture of art in Berwyn is rich. Long before our famous Berwyn Spindle made it to the big screen in the 1992 comedy Wayne’s World, Berwyn’s artistic character was on full display with the Czech inspired architecture along Cermak Road, once known as Bohemian Wall Street, and our diverse housing styles.


    It wasn’t until The David Bermant Foundation: Color, Light, Motion was established in 1986 that public art in Berwyn really began to make a place for itself. The art in Cermak Plaza was meant to encourage and advocate experimental visual art which draws its form, content and working materials from late twentieth-century technology. Cermak Plaza Public Art was a wild and creative piece of Berwyn nostalgia that paved the way to Berwyn’s deep roots in public art.


    Flash forward to today and the Berwyn Public Art Initiative has taken the reins in continuing down our artistic path. In recent years, Berwyn’s Depot District has been transformed by colorful murals along the tracks that bring Berwyn to life and serve as the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. Plan a trip to appreciate the art in Berwyn.