Live Music

The trifecta of live music along Roosevelt Road is a phenomenal area to start any live music journey in Berwyn. For decades, FitzGerald’s Nightclub & Sidebar has maintained its spot as a must-go for both its vibe and the variety of acts that come to the stage. Next door, the Sidebar provides an intimate addition for listening to music and sipping a cocktail.

Since the 1930s, the Friendly Tap has welcomed musicians and stand up comedians to Berwyn. You can even participate in the live band karaoke. As the venue evolves and expands, it includes more family-friendly, all-day options.

The most recent addition to Roosevelt Road is Wire. Bands and musicians love playing here because every element of performance, from lights to acoustics, has been considered. For the audience, the experience is equally remarkable.

Head to the Harlem Avenue Lounge for legendary Chicago blues at a beloved neighborhood bar. Since 1980, a long list of favorite artists have taken the stage. Harlem Avenue Lounge is equally loved for its staff and atmosphere, as well as free parking.

For a little bit of everything arts and entertainment, head to The Outta Space. This uniquely Berwyn venue is equal parts meeting place, gallery, performance space, classroom, and collaboration hub. A varied and exciting calendar of events and programming makes it a spot to frequent.