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Meet Your Neighbor.

As part of our annual WhyBerwyn Campaign, we are featuring the many people, places, and amenities that make Berwyn #NothinglikeaSuburb. Join us, meet your neighbors and learn about what makes them unique.

Meet Laura

Meet Istvan
Istvan & His Imaginary Band are one of the many pieces that help make Berwyn #FullofCharacter. Read all about Istvan Janos, a creative & family-oriented musician that has seen Berwyn transform over the years.

Meet Marissa 

She is one of the many Berwynners that help make Berwyn #FullofCharacter. Did you know she helped craft one of Berwyn's favorite events, the Berwyn Public Library's Fairy Tale Ball?!  Read all about long-time resident, writer & Berwynner Marissa Elera, & how she continuously contributes to our community's evolution through promoting literacy, diversity, equity & inclusion in her work.

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Meet Lisa

She is one of the many Berwynners that help make Berwyn #FullofCharacter. A woman of many talents, Lisa approaches any new challenge with a smile and determination!  Read all about how this wife, mother, Physician, and recently published author spends her time in Berwyn! 

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Meet Al

Friendly, determined, and understanding. Meet Your Neighbor, Al. He's a local restaurateur, father and long time #Berwynner. Find out what his favorite late-night spots in Berwyn are!

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Meet Alice

Meet Maria

Meet Laura

Meet Ernesto

Meet Kim and Joe

Meet Eddie and Saffron

Meet Milena

Meet Lucy & Edward