Name: Antonette Shearrill

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Business: Face2Face Spa and Studio, 6805 Roosevelt Rd, Berwyn, IL 60402

About Antonette and Her Biz:

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a native of Chicago’s South Austin area, an innovator and a force to be reckoned with! My journey started with my family. I remember my mom going to beauty school with her white uniform and coming home every day to practice what she learned. At 12 or 13 years old, I began to show interest in the beauty field. I was trained early on by my mom, a Licensed Cosmetologist and salon owner. She allowed me to explore and enjoy my passion. As the salon assistant, my interest in beauty ​​along with customer interaction   motivated me to keep learning. My aptitude and nurturing spirit lead me to also pursue a career in aesthetics.

After working in the salon, I wanted to experience Corporate America. I began working at MCI in wireless paging, eventually moving up to Project Coordinator for Special Accounts. After corporate layoffs from MCI WorldCom and USG, I seriously pondered my next move—stay active in Corporate America or pursue my interests in aesthetics, skincare and beauty—things I really loved.  So, I decided to enroll in Dudley’s Beauty College, where I graduated with honors. It changed my life and made me really want to be an entrepreneur. It was so exciting to learn in detail some of the things I was already taught by my mom! After attending Dudley’s, I enrolled in the University Of Phoenix School Of Business in Chicago, getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in entrepreneurship. I could have stopped there, but I kept on building my skills. After University of Phoenix, I attended the Thrive Skin Institute and went on to earn a Laser Certification from Dr. Barry Summer.

Currently, I’m licensed as a Clinical Esthetician in Illinois and Georgia, where I also spent some time as a clinic manager of American Laser Skincare. I hold many certifications, including an expert certification with the Dermalogica skincare line and certification for Semi-Permanent Makeup 3D Microblade Brows (and more). Some of my many technical skills include waxing, customized facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, make up application, and galvanic and high-frequency treatments.

After spending some time in Georgia before returning to Chicago in 2012, Face2Face Spa Studio began, securing a location in Berwyn’s Depot District. Soon after, we relocated to 6805 Roosevelt Road in Berwyn.

At Face2Face Spa Studio, our team of dedicated professionals offers a variety of advanced body and skin care treatments and possesses genuine dedication for your overall well-being. Your journey begins in a peaceful and relaxing environment, allowing us to immerse your mind, body, and spirit in all aspects of health and wellness—from head to toe!

Describe yourself using 3 words and explain why you chose those words.

Observant: I’m very observant. I have a detailed memory and a highly analytical mind, so I’m a great problem solver. I’m always paying attention to what is happening around me and thinking about what idea I’ll execute next or how I can improve what has already been set in place for my life and business. When I’m confronted with a problem, I will pick it, analyze it, and put it together until I come up with a solution.

Ambitious: I’m not afraid to step out and be adventurous. There are only two options: Swim or Sink. I’m a swimmer. If I don’t know something, I will find the answer with research. I’m just excited about life everyday…each day is an adventure!

Family Oriented: Family means a great deal to me. Although my children are living their own lives, I’m very involved with them. Sometimes it’s hard to balance because the business can’t grow itself. However, I do try to set time aside for my family.

What inspires you? 

The day-in and day-out grind that helps me to achieve my vision of success! I’ve only been back in Chicago for 8 years. Looking back, I started from the bottom only to achieve so much and to grow Face2Face Spa Studio. I will forever be growing and striving for excellence!

Tell us something that people might not know about you.

I love to cook both seafood and Mexican cuisine. Seafood is great because you can do so much with it and it always comes out right. Mexican can be a little more complicated with the spices, but I like an adventure! Not to mention I love spicy foods. Thanks to a great friend of mine, Christina, I learned a lot about Mexican cooking. My favorite Seafood is king crab legs and my go-to Mexican dish is simple steak tacos with rice.

What makes you laugh?

My dog Onxy makes me laugh. This little Shi-Poo is amazing! He’s less than 7lbs, but he’s very demanding and has a way of making you look and listen to him. His high jumps off the ground and consistent barking will get your attention sooner or later. If he feels you’re ignoring him, he will do the same thing later when you’re over him. He has a lot of personality. I think he was human from another life!

What do you consider mankind’s greatest invention?

The internet and wireless industry is one of the greatest inventions. There’s no end to what you can find on the internet, and with wireless, it gets better and better.

What is the meaning of your name?

The name, Antonette, is an English baby name. In English, the name Antonette means “highly praiseworthy.” My mom spelled it differently to set me apart from the rest.

What gets you through a rough day?

Prayer and meditation. When I pray, it puts me in place of peace. When I’m at peace, meditation gives me the opportunity to listen.

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