Beautify Your Berwyn Dwelling 2020

You don’t have to go very far to find everything you need to make your space lnstagram and Pinterest-worthy, all at affordable prices. Get inspired and start your next DIY project with your local businesses and take your beautiful Berwyn home to the next level! 

Instagram: @jessylaubis
Instagram: @jessylaubis


Your home most likely comes with beautiful original architectural details. Sometimes these details can be left alone. Sometimes these architectural details show their age, but all you need is some imagination to spruce them up! Give that tin ceiling a fresh coat of white paint to add height or transform that dull porch into a main feature. 

Add some eye-catching wallpaper, a splash of paint or a colorful piece of furniture to accentuate those beautiful and unique original elements found in Berwyn homes. Luckily, many of Berwyn’s local businesses have all the tools you need to create your dream home. 

Check out Curio Corner or Jaci’s Resale Shop for unique pieces of furniture and home decor. Leave your treasures as they are, or start your next DIY project. Berwyn’s Ace Hardware and Sherwin Williams have tons of color options, and Jack’s Rental, Inc. has tools for any project, big or small. 

Instagram: @jessylaubis


Do you have a laundry list of home projects that are too time consuming or too daunting to get done? Lucky for you, Berwyn has plenty of local professionals who can help you check those big projects off your list. Now is the perfect time to take care of any pests that are unwelcome in your home, get that leaky pipe or crack on your front step fixed, or tackle whatever project you’ve put on hold!

Instagram: @margekwhite
Instagram: @margekwhite
The Outta Space Inc. | 6840 W 32nd St
Instagram: @monstrochika
Instagram: @benjaminnelsonart

Antonia Ruppert Fine Art |
Seguin Gardens & Gifts | 5621 W 31st St, Cicero


Berwyn is chock-full of independent artists that craft unique and beautiful pieces of art. Check out your favorite local artists’ social media pages and websites for beautiful handmade items to give your home some personality, or head over to The Outta Space to purchase some awesome local artwork. 

One of the easiest ways to add color and liveliness to your home is with greenery, whether it’s a gardening or landscaping project, adding houseplants to a room, or creating a beautiful flower arrangement to showcase while entertaining guests. Check out your local garden centers like Berwyn’s Violet Flower Shop or Seguin Gardens & Gifts to get everything you need to get started or just treat yourself to something nice. Make sure you consult with their resident pets for some useful tips!

Instagram: @bunksinberwyn
Instagram: @bunksinberwyn

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