Worlds Largest Laundry

Beyond the Suds

Bought in 1999, what started as a laundromat with a dry cleaner was transformed by Tom Benson into one of Berwyn’s most beloved gems: The World’s Largest Laundromat! From business broker to laundromat owner, Tom Benson has used his wide-span experience in community development to cultivate his laundromat into something incredibly special and unique.

He has used trials to better the business, such as a 2004 fire that did a number to the laundromat, yet he used it to restructure the layout of the building to create it into the place it is today! Not only is this laundromat the largest of its kind- with 13,000 square feet and heats their water via a solar panel system, but it goes above and beyond the suds by being a real supporter of the community.

When it comes to running his business, “It’s about addressing a need in the community”, Benson states. These words are mirrored by the actions of the laundromat. Whether it be the smell of fresh free pizza on Wednesday nights or the warm good morning of complimentary coffee and donuts each day, the community’s needs are heard and met. Tom Benson strives to offer hospitality and reliable service he would enjoy as a customer, which gives him the motivation to go above and beyond.

One of the most prominent events put on by The World’s Largest Laundromat is the Read-to-Ride program. What once started as a possible solution to a need has had a huge and positive impact on the younger generation that reside in Berwyn.

For instance, with the Berwyn Hispanic community growing, there was an increase in the number of children learning English in the classrooms. These kids exceeded in their studies, but when school ended there was a limited amount of exposure to the English language for them to continue improving. Benson saw this and knew there could be a way to offer them an opportunity to grow. He partnered the laundromat with the local libraries, like the Berwyn Public Library, to create a summer reading program that gave away bikes for free to kids who participated. It started at giving away four bikes each summer, but as kids across the community found their joy for reading it has grown to a giveaway of twenty bikes in 2023! The reading program has given away almost four hundred bikes since the program’s inception. Benson loves to tell the kids,

“You are ALL winners,
today is just about who is lucky!”

As much as the World’s Largest Laundromat loves its community, they feel the strong support from the community with their loyal patronage and excellent reviews online. Tom Benson supports the community not only with his read-to-ride program but also being a loyal sponsor of the Berwyn Independence Day Firework show. The World’s Largest Laundromat supports the community in and out of their building.

With a dedicated staff that has been on for an average of over ten years, they become like family. Through the support of this hardworking staff and a business-savvy owner like Tom Benson, The World’s Largest Laundromat is able to put your needs first in the washer and beyond!

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