New Year, New You

The new year is a time that reminds us to try something new. Self care is often put on the back burner—so let’s make ourselves a priority this year! Here are a few Berwyn businesses to keep in mind when becoming your best self in 2019.

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Take better care of your finances! Ana Gama can help with a few finance tips to keep in mind:
1.Double check your pay stubs to make sure they have the correct withholdings and specify if your family or deductions have changed recently.

2. Set a budget for yourself that will target all the things you wish to accomplish during the year (a vacation, new car, new furniture, etc.)

3. Look over your 401K or retirement account. But remember—this is money for retirement! Contact Ana today for more help on getting ready for Tax Day on April 15.

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Reduce waste and commit to taking better care of your clothes in the New Year! Those washing instructions may be pesky, but treating your clothing the right way will help you look your best. Bring your dry clean only clothing, coats and jackets in for some TLC!They ls provide laundry service for your regular washing needs. Love those pants but they just don’t fit anymore? No need to fret—O’Brien the Cleaner offers alterations too!

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Along with countless services, this day spa offers a treatment perfect for individuals with alopecia, slight thinning or general hair loss. A treatment developed mainly for men, scalp micro pigmentation has grown in popularity among women as a way to gain back confidence and achieve a fuller look. By using carbon based pigments in custom shades, Audrey’s Esthetics gives you results that last longer and won’t smudge or blur. They also cater to any budget by accepting Care Credit. Stop in to see everything they have to offer and book an appointment for some “me time”.

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Start 2019 with a healthier and more confident smile! Berwyn Dental Connection can help with many of the problems keeping you from sharing your smile with the world. The key to a more confident smile is a healthy oral foundation. Learn more about their services and stop in to become a healthier, better you! With welcoming doctors and staff, you will actually look forward to your dentist visits in 2019 and beyond!

6711 W 26th St
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The Alley Fitness Boxing Gym proudly bridges the gap between mental well-being and physical fitness. Whether it’s boxing, kickboxing, boxing for Parkinson’s, kids boxing or high intensity interval training (HIIT), The Alley’s classes will have a profoundly positive impact on reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. Let’s make 2019 all about you! Call Taylor today to schedule your first class.

f @BerwynLionsClub

Commit to giving back in the New Year through service! The Berwyn Centennial Lions Club (BCLC) focuses on the importance of supporting our neighbors through family-friendly activities, strengthening underserved populations, and fostering a love for community service benefiting the people of Berwyn and beyond. Whether you want to volunteer for an event or become a member, please join the BCLC every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St.

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