Berwyn Bites: Red Sauce

Is it “gravy” or “sauce”? Whatever you like to call it, and however you
like to eat it, there are many ways to eat red sauce in Berwyn. Ranging from vodka sauce to meat marinara, you can have it served any way you crave it! Take a look at all of the red sauce findings around town.

Big Guys Sausage Stand
7021 W Roosevelt Rd

The Stromboli Sandwich at Big Guys Sausage Stand

Big Guys is known for their delicious handmade sausage—so you know they won’t disappoint. Try their Stromboli Sandwich consisting of griddle-cooked Italian sausage on garlic bread with neck bone gravy and LOTS of parm. If you want to add sweet peppers or giardiniera, you’ve got it!

Capri Ristorante
6613 W Roosevelt Rd

Capri Ristorante Due
6822 W Windsor Ave

Mama’s Sunday Gravy at Capri

Mama’s Sunday Gravy continues to be a staple at Capri Ristorante since 1984. Made by Mama herself, the recipe calls for neck bones, bracciole, homemade meatballs, Italian sausage and pasta, topped with the homemade gravy. A dash of love completes this delicious dish.

Cigars and Stripes BBQ Lounge
6715 W Ogden Ave

The Monster Smoked Meatball Sandwich at Cigars & Stripes

Smoked meatballs nestled in a flaky bun with a generous serving of homemade Sunday Sauce topped with cheese and fresh giardiniera, this meal requires two hands to hold and savor. The Monster Smoked Meatball sandwich is only available the last Tuesday of every month during Monster Movie Night hosted by Mike Vanderbilt from the Daily Grindhouse.

Di Nico’s Pizza & Gelato
6627 W Roosevelt Rd

Amp up your fried delights with some of Di Nico’s red dipping sauce for your mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and whatever fried delights you choose.

Mario’s Marinara
Available for purchase at Avito Caffe
6510 W Ogden Ave

Mario’s Marinara available for purchase at Avito Caffe (6510 W Ogden Ave)

Who doesn’t think a little booze can make anything better? Well, when you add a little vodka to Mario’s all natural ingredients, plus a touch of heavy cream, history is made with Mario’s Vodka Sauce. This creamy blend brings flavors you can’t get from a traditional marinara. This sauce won’t get you drunk, but your taste buds will get a little tipsy. Get yours at Avito Caffe today!

Paisans Pizzeria & Bar
6226 W Ogden Ave

Seafood Arrabiata at Paisans Pizzeria & Bar

Arrabiata Sauce made with fresh plum tomatoes, garlic, crushed red pepper, basil and white wine has the perfect amount of heat to warm you up on a chilly day! Stop in and try the Linguini Arrabiata—it won’t disappoint!

Slice Factory
6920 W Ogden Ave

Big Mama’s Sunday Gravy has a blend of Italian seasonings with fresh Italian sausage, Big Mama’s handmade meatballs and spare ribs with whole peeled San Marzano tomatoes slow cooked for 5 hours. With these big flavors, you can add this gravy to amp up any pasta.

Tony’s Fresh Market
7111 W Cermak Rd

Tony’s pasta sauce is an authentic family recipe that’s packed with flavor. Their original pasta sauce is a staple at the newest Tony’s Fresh Market grocery store in Berwyn, so you can now try their marinara, vodka or garlic sauce varieties.

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