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Wake up and smell the coffee. Whether you’re a casual drinker or an enthusiast, Berwyn coffee shops have you covered on your morning or afternoon caffeine kick. And with winter still ahead of us, now is the perfect time to gather with friends and venture off to help us crown Berwyn’s Best Coffee. From plain black coffee to trendy flavored drinks, consumers have many options when selecting their favorite cup of joe.


The Top 5 Berwyn’s Best Coffee Contestants are:

Avito Caffe
Café Nutella: A cafe latte with a healthy scoop of Nutella hazelnut spread steamed into the milk. The drink is built around fresh roasted La Capannina espresso shots for a masterful blend of Arabica and Robusto coffees that encompass the essence of Italy.

Try it: Small size is $3.00, medium size is $4.00 and large size is $4.50
Cafe Latino
Café Con Leche: Known throughout Latin America. It starts with a Café Bustello dark roast espresso shot, mixed with steamed milk for a smooth and velvety texture and sweetened to preference.

Try it:
Small size is $2.25 and large size is $3.00
Friendly Coffee Lounge
Classic Latte: The latte has two shots of Bridgeport Coffee signature Hardscrabble blend, which is a full-bodied Vienna roast with dark chocolate and a hint of spice. The drink is mixed with steamed milk and poured slowly to create a creamy texture.

Try it: Small size is $3.00 and large size is $3.50
Happy Buddha Cafe
Café de Olla: A sweet and savory Mexican coffee that is an earthy mixture of freshly roasted Montes de Oro coffee, cinnamon, aniseed and piloncillo, an unrefined brown sugar.

Try it: Small size is $2.49, medium size is $2.99 and large size is $3.29
Mission House Café
Café Latte: A hand crafted latte made from the I Have A Bean espresso blend and steamed milk. No sweeteners are needed as the fruity notes of the Northern Italian style espresso blends with the natural sweetness of steamed milk.

Try it: Small size is $3.00 and large size is $4.50