Own A Piece of the Berwyn Spindle!

Do you miss the #Spindle? We KNOW you do! Now is your opportunity to own your very own slice of the famous Berwyn Car Spindle!

Bid on a Spindle Car!

The Berwyn Arts Council is auctioning off the top two cars from the famous “Spindle” sculpture on Ebay: a 1967 VW Beetle and a 1976 BMW. The cars are sold as a set, not separately—the winning bid is for both cars; one bid gets you two cars.  The pole that they were mounted on is not included.

The original sculpture, erected in 1989, was designed by artist Dustin Shuler and consisted of 8 impaled cars on a metal spindle. It stood tall and proud in the parking lot of the Cermak Plaza shopping center unit! Over the years it was loved by many, ridiculed by some but grew strong in the hearts of people across the country. It appeared in the movie Wayne’s World, on postcards, beer commercials and even a comic strip. The Spindle was disassembled in 2008 due to years of exposure to Chicago weather and bird nesting. These cars, weathered and worn, are basic “shells” with no working parts.

The Berwyn Route 66 Museum and the Berwyn Arts Council took possession of the two cars in 2012 with the intention of rebuilding a slightly-shortened Spindle in the museum’s parking lot.  The closing of the Berwyn Route 66 Museum has forced a decision to sell the cars.  The funds from the sale will go to the Berwyn Arts Council, a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization which supports arts organizations and arts education in Berwyn.

For more information on auction details visit the Ebay Spindle page!

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