Meet Berwyn’s Entrepreneurs: Gail Lovero of Gone Travl’n Inc.

Meet Gail Lovero of Gone Travl’n Inc (6536 W Cermak Rd), est 2008
Hometown: Stickney, IL
Residence: Berwyn, IL
All About Gail: I’m Gail, hailing from Stickney, Illinois. Growing up, I attended local public schools, then college in Texas with overseas studies in Europe for Fashion. It seemed as if I had traveled everywhere but nothing was quite like home; after all of my schooling was completed, I returned back to my roots.

I became the Midwest Sales Representative for Ocean Pacific Men’s, a Women and Children’s Clothing Line based in Chicago. I traveled 363 days a year in an 8 state territory—along with overseas travel—for 12 years. Sales has always been in my blood. Then one sunny day in Berwyn, while I was home for a travel break, I met a man, Robert Lovero. I married Robert (Bobby) 7 years later and we have now been married for 25 years! Prior to having children, we both ran successful businesses, so I guess you can say owning a business has always been my passion.

The Business Side: After I married the man of my dreams, we started a family and became very involved with our city politics. I decided to put my career on hold to devote myself to my children and husband full time and became a stay at home mother/wife. As time passed and the kids got older, I realized that I could never not be busy. After meeting with a friend for lunch, I began to entertain the thought of being a travel agent. I started my business in 2008 in the basement of my home and eventually realized that I needed a retail space to be truly successful; what better place than to have a business in Berwyn! I opened my doors in 2010 and have been building a successful business ever since. I love working with people. I love making people happy and seeing all of the memories that I have been a part of with my clients. This career path has been one of the most rewarding experiences and I am thankful everyday.

Describe yourself in a few words.
I’m hard-working, ambitious, organized and energetic. All of these qualities are what separates me from other travel agents/agencies and contributes to my business being successful.  Scripture says: “Begin working when the sun comes up and until the sun goes down.”  I often go above and beyond because I truly love what I do. “Faith, family and friends” is a popular mantra that I believe has more impact on us than we know. I pride myself on customer service—listening  to people and their needs. To actually know that someone cares and is always there for you is very comforting when traveling or planning a trip.

What inspires you?
My faith, traditions and family are what motivate me. I am inspired every day to be the best person I can be. I try to use what I hold true in my daily business activities. I was taught very early on to learn something new each day, treat others as you would like to be treated and always tell the truth.

Tell us something that people might not know about you.
Something people may not know about me is that I’m a devout Russian Orthodox Christian, though I’m often mistaken for being Italian! We have a lot of traditions and I pride myself on keeping all of them alive with my family. I am also still very active in the Girl Scouts. I was a local organizer for 14 years and I still take a group of Girls to Savannah, Georgia every June to show them where the Girl Scouts started and help them to truly see the impact Girl Scouting has had on our society. History has helped shaped who we are and I am happy to be able to share this wonderful experience with them from year to year.

What is one question you get asked repeatedly about your profession?
The question I am most often asked is, “why use a travel agent?” For me, the answer is that a travel agent goes beyond the booking of travel means. I anticipate problems, pick the right suppliers to work with and do all that I can to make sure my clients enjoy their vacations. I have the connections and experience to provide my clients with a top notch experience.  I have received multiple awards and continue my education by earning specialist certificates—all to make me different and stand out from the “other” guys. I price match if necessary and continually get my clients the best value for their budgets.  I also work for my clients long after the booking has been made. I follow up to make sure their vacation went flawlessly, then handle any concerns that they may have after the fact.

What is the best room or rooms in your house? Why?
Our living room and dining room are the best rooms in our house. In these rooms, I have danced with my children, prayed with my children and shared many stories with my children. I collect antiques and my grandmother’s Victrola has been a joy for many years. We’ve shared good times and a few trying times in these rooms. I love to cook and we celebrate every holiday in these two rooms, so basically they have been a foundation and tradition for my family and that is what matters most to me; I am blessed and thankful.

What do you bring with you everywhere you go?
I bring an icon and a picture of my family where ever I go.

What is something you do the old-fashion way?
I hand write thank you notes!

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