Local Schools Participate in TECH 2016 Demonstrations in Springfield

The 25th annual TECH 2016 Students for the Information Age event will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 from 9:30am-11:30am and from 1pm-3pm at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield. More than 100 schools will be represented from throughout the state of Illinois.

At the event, students will show the public and elected members of the Illinois State Senate and House of Representatives how technology is being used in the classroom to increase student engagement and improve achievement. Student demonstrations may be viewed in the Capitol Building Rotunda.

Taking part in the demonstrations locally from 1:00-3:00 pm are Ms. Angela Gonzales, 5th grade teacher from Irving Elementary and her students Demario Angarita and Jasmine Gabriel. They will be sharing Redefining Math Through Personalized Global Learning. This project highlights the connection that this classroom has made with others across the United States. Mr. Mike Saracini, 8th grade teacher from Freedom Middle School and his students Mason Camp and Tatiana Nungaray will be showcasing Touchcast: Video Meets the Web. These students use Touchcast to show their thinking and demonstrate their understanding in all aspects of the curriculum.

The purpose of TECH 2016 is to raise awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today’s world, and to show the need for increased funding for classroom technology. Students will demonstrate for lawmakers and the public, the creative ways technology is being used to enhance and accelerate student achievement in Illinois schools today.

According to TECH 2016 Co-Chair, Deb Balayti, entering the job force without a strong foundation in information-age technology is not an option for today’s high school and college graduates. Understanding computers and related tools is a requirement, even for entry-level jobs, and computer literacy is essential for further education and advancement in almost every academic sphere. From the elementary to the high school level, technology expands the walls of the traditional classroom, bringing in people and events from all over the globe. Technology captures and holds the attention of this generation of learners far better than textbooks alone.


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