Heritage Middle School Uses Philanthropic Grant for VEX Robotics Team; Berwyn’s Next Gen: Vince Beltran

You’ve heard it before—our children are the future. Well lucky for Berwyn, we have some of the neatest kids around. Meet Berwyn’s Next Generation! These kids are working hard, whether it’s on the field, in classroom, or at work. Get to know more about the phenomenal young people making Berwyn a better place for their peers and for their community, enjoy!

Meet Vince Beltran, a student at Heritage Middle School and VEX Robotics Team Member 

Hometown: Swords, Ireland

Current Residence: Berwyn, IL

All about Vince: My name is Vince Ian Maramba Beltran and although I rarely use the two middle names, relatives usually call me Ian. I was born and raised in Swords, Ireland, a suburb of Dublin! I lived in a small house right next to the pre-school I attended. Once I was 6 years old, my family planned to move to the United States and decided to move to Berwyn since we had relatives living here. After kindergarten, my family moved to our current house and my younger sister was born later that year (2011).

Describe yourself in three words.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be easy-going, reliable and ambitious. I’m usually pretty chill and I keep my promises. I consider myself ambitious because there are quite a few things that I want to do or help others achieve when I’m older.

What inspires you?

Personally, I find myself to be inspired by my own aspirations, as well as certain people. One person that really inspires me is Elon Musk. The guy didn’t live lavishly when he was young, but built himself up over time, making millions of dollars doing what he wanted to do. He has his thumbs in so many pies; many of his startups are heavily involved with my interests (rockets, space, selling flamethrowers, electric cars, etc).

Tell us something people might not know about you.

One thing people don’t know about me is that my childhood friend Anthony and I used to capture snails and put them in a battle arena, aka a ring of salt. Whichever one pushed the other out of the salt ring was the victor.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Yes, though it doesn’t show up in my everyday life: I can ride a unicycle. I bought a trials unicycle (think the unicycle equivalent of a BMX) in the summer of 2017 and I got pretty good at it during my free time.

What is your greatest personal fear?

I have two main fears. My most practical is my fear of heights (believe it or not, even monkey bars scare me). There’s a backstory to my other one, I have a RATIONAL fear of ceiling fans. In the summer my room is really hot, so I turn the fan up to full speed. Every time I look at it I feel as if the fan’s going to fall off its mount and decapitate me at 300 rpm.

What is the meaning of your name?

My parent’s tell me that my first name is a combination of their two names. My dad’s name is ArVIN and my mom’s name is CEleste. (ar)Vince(leste). I personally think that it’s based on my uncle’s name, Vincent. Either theory is neat!

• • •

Vince Beltran gets to live out his tech dreams at Heritage Middle School’s VEX Robotics Team. The team was recently presented with a philanthropic grant from the Berwyn Development Corporation. The grant provided the school with funds to provide materials for and participate in the VEX Robotics Competition In The Zone (vexrobotics.com/vexedr/competition/vrc-current-game). The robotics program helps students recognize and develop their potential to excel in math and science and to encourage them to continue their engagement in high school and college. Preparing for the competition and competing allowed students to collaborate with teammates and learn the engineering and design process, including how to code an autonomous robot. Ultimately, the students are engaged in the full process of creating something from nothing. A philanthropic check presentation was held in conjunction with the BDC on January 20.

“It’s great to see kids having fun with STEM subjects and working together. The BDC is honored to be a part of an initiative that supports our local youth and contributes to the future of our economy,” said BDC Board President Andy Sotiropoulos.

As with the other schools in Berwyn South School District 100, Heritage staff is committed to inspiring a passion for learning in every child. Promoting academic excellence and supports for the whole child are core beliefs for their school. For more information on Heritage Middle School, please call (708) 749-6110 or visit http://hs.bsd100.org.

About the BDC Philanthropic Program
The Berwyn Development Corporation provides charitable contributions to causes within the Berwyn community. The BDC makes awards to local not-for-profit public charities, giving priority to those efforts that positively impact economic vitality, provide services directly to beneficiaries, address root problems and serve disenfranchised groups.

Berwyn headquartered not-for-profits can make application for funding throughout the year as needs arise with awards based upon available BDC funding. For more details regarding the philanthropic program, call the BDC at 708-788-8100 or visit Berwyn.net.

Special thanks to our BDC Trustees that help make these grants possible: Byline Bank, MacNeal Hospital, Morton College, Paisans Pizzeria & Bar, Republic Bank of Chicago, Turano Baking Company and World’s Largest Laundromat.


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