Help Hospitalized Veterans Opens Community Center for On-Site Crafting

Help HospitalizedSince 1971 national nonprofit Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) has put almost 29 million arts & crafts kits into the hands of patients at VA and military hospitals worldwide. It’s been HHV’s primary mission to provide “medicine that doesn’t come in a bottle” to America’s hospitalized veteran and military population.

And now, with millions of veterans receiving outpatient health care in the private sector, HHV is expanding its reach through two new initiatives. The Patient Home Rehabilitation (PHR) program sends arts & craft kits directly to veterans, and the Community Based Arts and Craft Centers (CBC) program offers veterans a place to go and work on their arts & crafts in a group setting.

“We wish to reach more patients by offering therapeutic arts & crafts kits to all veteran and military medical patients receiving any kind of health care,” said HHV President & CEO Mike Lynch. “This will open the HHV program to all of the nation’s veterans, regardless of where they presently receive their healthcare. It’s a huge undertaking for HHV but one we are committed to,” Lynch added. One of the first locations to receive a CBC is Berwyn.

A grand opening celebration took place on September 25 at 6243 West 26th St., Suite B in partnership with the City of Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation. All Berwyn area veterans, military and their families as well as the community were invited to attend. The event offered refreshments and entertainment, and craft kits for veterans and military.

Mayor Robert J. Lovero remarked, “Berwyn takes great pride in honoring our veterans. My father was a marine who served in the Korean War. He showed me the importance of the dedication and efforts that those in military service fulfill on behalf of our freedom. In Berwyn, we will not forget it. We welcome you to the community.”

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