Freedom Middle School fed 96,000 hungry over the holidays

On December 1, 2012, nearly 115 student volunteers from Freedom Middle School worked together to package a little over 12,000 meals. Nearly 8,000 of the 12,000 meals were sent to local food pantries at St. Leonard, Emanuel Bible Church, and the Christian Life Center. Volunteers raised enough money to package an additional 4,000 meals, which were organized and packaged by Freedom’s Feed6 group at a homeless shelter in Chicago. Each “meal” feeds six individuals; therefore, through Freedom’s efforts, 96,000 people were afforded a meal.

“I cannot recall a time that I have been more proud to serve as Freedom’s principal over the past 5+ years. The numbers are mind-boggling,” stated Principal Jim Calabrese. He continued, “I am most humbled by the thought that 115 people can spend six hours on a Saturday morning and their efforts can provide 96,000 individual meals. It just goes to show how the smallest contributions can add up to make a huge difference.”

The 115 volunteers included Freedom students, parents, and staff along with members from the School District and School Board.

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