Buddy Bear Car Wash Opens Eighth Chicagoland Location in Berwyn

Buddy Bear Car Wash (6201 W Ogden Ave) aims to provide first class personalized customer service and a state of the art car wash. The business also offers brand gasoline and a convenience store onsite. A ribbon cutting was held in partnership with the City of Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC) on May 16, 2018.

Growing up, owner Phil Degeratto’s father was in the grocery business and owned a car wash. Eventually Phil took the helm and for the past 35 years has been honing the art of the car wash with their state of the art facility, knowledgeable staff and top tier customer service. The facility uses AVW equipment, manufactured locally in Maywood, IL. Buddy Bear uses a flat belt conveyor that transports the cars through the wash process—which customers can view while visiting the convenience store.  The business’ name was inspired by Degratto’s beloved dad whose nickname was Buddy.

Buddy Bear Car Wash has been in the Chicagoland area since 1950, opening nine locations throughout the City of Chicago and suburbs including Broadview, Bellwood and now, Berwyn. They offer a range of wash types such as lite, plus and deluxe wash, as well as the Buddy Bear Special. They also offer 30-day plays and monthly automatic recharge plans. They are open daily from 7AM until 9PM.

To help facilitate this project, the City of Berwyn and the BDC provided local support for the redevelopment’s Class 7c property tax designation through Cook County’s Commercial Urban Relief Eligibility (CURE) incentive program. The purpose of this program is to encourage the redevelopment of longstanding vacant commercial properties that would not be economically feasible without assistance and where the result would bring notable economic benefits and revitalization to the area. This redevelopment project included demolition, new construction, new equipment, façade improvements and civil site improvements.

The redevelopment of Buddy Bear brings forward a modern car wash facility and continued economic investment in the Ogden Avenue corridor. Along with the creation of eight permanent full time positions, redevelopment also created 32 temporary construction jobs. The site is forecasted to generate approximately $100,000 in local taxes annually. What’s more, Buddy Bear brings their philanthropic spirit to the area as the business regularly engages in fundraising partnerships with local organizations.

“Congratulations to Phil and the Buddy Bear team—this redeveloped corner looks phenomenal and serves as a great welcome to those driving through our community on the Mother Road,” said Mayor Robert J. Lovero.

“The improvements made to this location are a great addition to the vitality of our Route 66 corridor and the City as a whole. The rehab to this facility is remarkable. Welcome to Berwyn!” said BDC President Andy Sotiropoulos.

“We are excited to add to the curb appeal of Berwyn with our ninth location. We’re looking forward to getting involved in the community!” said Degeratto.

Connect with Buddy Bear Car Wash at buddybearcarwash.com, on Facebook (@BuddyBearCarWashOgden) and Instagram (@buddybearcw) or via phone at (773) 265-6700. For more information on the Buddy Bear Car Wash ribbon cutting, contact the BDC at (708) 788-8100.

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