Berwyn Inspires Bungalow Appreciation Week

It’s no secret that the bungalow has played a significant role in the City of Berwyn’s history with the majority built between 1920 and 1930. Today, bungalows comprise 1/3 of the Berwyn’s housing stock. The City of Berwyn has one of the largest concentrations of Chicago-style bungalows outside of the City of Chicago proper and the bungalow stands as Berwyn’s principal housing style. For over a century, the bungalow has provided Berwyn residents with many benefits including homeownership, walkable neighborhoods and convenient access to Chicago. The City of Berwyn continues to encourage its bungalow owners by providing resources to help with the restoration of their homes.

In order to celebrate Berwyn’s beloved bungalows, a state senate resolution designated the first week of May as Bungalow Appreciation Week in the State of Illinois. Berwyn’s bungalow has also been honored as “Chicagoland’s Greatest Treasure” by American Bungalow magazine, and This Old House magazine named Berwyn “Best Neighborhood for Bungalows.”

Nicknamed the City of Homes, Berwyn is a community with many assets and amenities. Take a moment to peruse the site for more information on all we have to offer.


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