Roosevelt Rd

Welcome to Berwyn's Depot District

Berwyn’s quaint, walkable city center extends across both sides of the Metra Line with a mix of independent shops, restaurants and lounges and access to parks. Enjoy great food at spots like Capri Ristorante Due and nightlife at stops like The Outtaspace, Lavergne’s Tavern, Olive or Twist Martini Bar, Godson’s , James Joyce Irish Pub, The Garage Smokehouse and Bar and Off the Traxx. Visitors have a variety of transportation options via train, bus or biking.


As Berwyn’s walkable city center, the Depot District is known for its mix of independent shops, restaurants and lounges. What you can also find here is a variety of medical services that includes Loyola Medicine |  MacNeal Hospital. Our residents and visitors alike can get a lot done while taking a walk in the Depot District. Extending across this city section is the BNSF Metra line with three stops within Berwyn’s Depot District as well as Pace bus routes, making it a breeze to get where you need to go. This “downtown” area of Berwyn offers daytime shopping and dining as well as nightlife options, so feel free to stay a while. The Depot District is also a mecca for artists and collectors alike. The newest artworks to add to Berwyn’s extensive art collection are the colorful murals along the tracks spearheaded by the Berwyn Public Art Initiative. This effort brings artist and local business owners together to create public art for the community to enjoy.


Berwyn's Depot District hosts MacNeal Hospital which is Berwyn's largest medical center and services a large amount of the area's residents while also being the town's biggest employer. As big as MacNeal Hospital is now, it once had humble beginnings inside Arthur MacNeal's home on 33rd St and Oak Park Ave. The small hospital started when MacNeal realized the growing area desperately needed its own medical facility. Arthur MacNeal formed what was called Berwyn Hospital in 1919 with Dr. Stephens and a nurse, Ellie Raesie. The hospital has undergone many changes since 1919 and is now a huge medical center that takes up an entire village block in the Depot District. The hospital has received several awards for its excellence in service and state of the art equipment. On March 1, 2018 MacNeal Hospital was acquired by Loyola Medicine and Trinity Health, and held a Unity Ceremony in September 2018.