Frozen Treats

Did you know that ice cream is one of the three foods astronauts miss most when they go on space missions? Luckily, most of us aren’t traveling to space anytime soon! Berwyn has plenty of options to satisfy your frozen treat cravings. Whether you like your cold confections creamy, icy, fruity, spicy or frozen, desserts are a staple on a beautiful Berwyn day.

Best Frozen Treats

Classic Turtle Sundae
Come for a Butterburger, stay for the ice cream at Culver’s! It’s no secret everybody loves their concretes and sundaes. Next time you’re there, try the Classic Turtle Sundae. The sundae is prepared with roasted Southern pecans plus hot fudge and savory caramel drizzled over vanilla frozen custard, topped with a maraschino cherry. It combines rich creaminess with salty sweetness.

Berwyn's Best Frozen Treats

Gina’s Italian Ice
Each year, Berwyn patiently waits for the first signs of warm weather because that means Gina’s will be open for business soon! They have plenty of delicious flavors to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with a classic. Their homemade Lemon Italian Ice is made daily on-site and mixes finely shaved ice with bright yellow lemons and sugar. It’s a simple yet perfect summer cool-off combination.

Berwyn's Best Frozen Treats

With a wide variety of authentic flavors from Tocumbo, Michoacan, Mexico, La Michoacana is sure to bring back nostalgic memories for many and a new delicious experience for others. Try a classic like their Fresa de Leche, a simple combination of rich, creamy ice cream blended with fresh, ripe strawberries and topped with chunks of strawberries.

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