Berwyn’s Diverse Housing Styles

Berwyn is often called “The City of Homes” for the sheer amount of single-family homes that we have. Berwyn has more than 26,000 single-family homes in a 3.9 square mile area. Many people may immediately think that most of those 26,000 houses are bungalows, but it is surprising just how much variety there is in Berwyn’s housing stock. Berwyn is home to Tudor Revivals, Victorians, Georgians, Workman’s Cottages, Foursquares and, of course, Bungalows! For more information about Berwyn’s much-loved Bungalows please see our page specifically about the subject.

**Berwyn is proud to report that median home sales have grown through the end of 2017 and residential investment is at an all time high! Read more about this growth.** Chicago Magazine recently published an article featuring Berwyn’s diverse housing options—read here!

The City of Berwyn and local businesses offer great programs for first-time buyers and those looking for a new home. Learn more about Berwyn’s local institutions that can make your dream a reality here. For more information on the City of Berwyn’s programs and housing styles, read more here.

We would like to offer some background information on the housing styles here and give examples of how unique some of our houses truly are.