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Berwyn’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars Compete To Be “Berwyn’s Best”

Whether you like yours sweet, strong, sour, or smoky, there’s one for every taste. In mid-September , the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC) embarked on a search for Berwyn’s Best Cocktail by opening a multiple choice poll with 26 Berwyn-based establishments that serve cocktails on their regular menu. The public were asked to select up to five of their favorite shops. The topmore »

Berwyn hosts The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence on Sun, 9/25

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, we will remember the forgotten victims of America’s gun violence epidemic with The Concert Across America, a series of live events from coast to coast. Sunday, September 25 4:00pm at Wire $20, Buy Tickets Show info | Facebook WHY MOBILIZE WITH MUSIC?? In a critical presidential election year, it is vital to remind the nation of themore »

Fair Trade Colored Gem Event Comes to Hursts’ Berwyn Jewelers

From conflict-free diamonds to fair trade coffee, people are putting more value on products supported by ethical practices, support for the communities that produce them, and environmental protection. On September 17, Kathy Hurst, president of Hursts’ Berwyn Jewelers, will share her passion for fair trade color gems by hosting an event featuring one of the earliest providers of these stones,more »

Where can we find Berwyn’s Best Cocktail?

Find the beverage for what ails you as we search for Berwyn’s Best Cocktail! While there is some debate about when exactly the term “cocktail” was coined, the distinctly American term was in usage by the early 19th century. One of the first documented definitions comes out of New York from an 1806 edition of Balance and Columbian Repository, claimingmore »

Legendary Chicago Pizza Brand Opens Its 9th Spot in Berwyn

Family-owned and operated Chicago pizzeria Home Run Inn ( celebrated the opening of its ninth location at 6825 West Cermak Road in conjunction with the City of Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC) on August 29. The leader in Chicago’s authentic thin crust pizza recently rolled out an overall brand refresh, re-energizing Home Run Inn’s touch points with consumers,more »

Meet Berwyn’s Creatives: Adam Martinez, up for MTV’s Cover of the Month

Welcome to the third installment of Meet Berwyn’s Creatives! While Berwyn has become a hot spot for urban professionals and entrepreneurs, the City of Homes is also considered a haven for the creatively minded. From musicians to crafters, sculptors, chefs, painters, writers and performance artists, Berwyn is home to a remarkable group of makers who keep our community vibrant. Meet Berwyn’s Creatives gives us amore »