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New Thrift Shop Opens on Berwyn’s Main Street

// Post by Why Berwyn? There are few shopping trips that can rival the wonder inspired by a trip to your local resale shop. You never know what you might uncover in just a quick browse around the store, opening up a chance to experiment with your wardrobe or home décor at a fraction of retail prices. For Jacinta Theobald,more »

Berwyn’s Best Pizza announced

The BDC’s second Berwyn’s Best competition began in January and was fixed on finding the best local slice of pizza. Paisans Pizzeria & Bar (6226 W Ogden Ave) walked home a winner with its signature supreme pizza. The dish starts with a thin crust covered in sweet tomato sauce and is filled with sausage, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. Itmore »

Have a Hometown Friday in Berwyn on any day

Jake Hamilton with My Fox Chicago’s Hometown Fridays made a fun-filled visit to Berwyn and happened up Wire music complex, Old Fashioned Candies and Berwyn’s Toys & Trains. Check out the videos to see some of Berwyn’s favorite spots. Get behind the scenes at the Wire music complex, a former theater brought back to life as a music venue, collaborativemore »

Berwyn was among the most profitable places in the U.S. at the end of 2014

According to a report by Chicago Real Estate Daily, Berwyn and parts of the South Side were among the most profitable places in the U.S. at the end of 2014 for investors who flip homes. Home flippers in Berwyn were able to attain an average of 150% gross return on investment in the last 3 months of  2014. This ROImore »

Berwyn tops Cook County suburbs one-year after Marriage Equality

Excerpt taken from a news release from Cook County Clerk David Orr More than 6,500 same-sex couples were married in Cook County in the first year of marriage equality, according to a report released by Cook County Clerk David Orr. “As we mark the one-year anniversary of marriage equality in Cook County, we celebrate more than the historic day Imore »

National Register campaign for the Berwyn bungalow continues

The City of Homes organization has continued its project to have a Berwyn Bungalow District added to the National Register. Their first key milestone, a draft of the Field Survey and Inventory of over 1,500 properties, has been completed.  The inventory includes the following components: Address Architectural Style and/or Vernacular Resource Type Photographs of the property Contributing or Non-Contributing Ratingmore »