Sweet Pea returns to Cigars & Stripes for Freaktoberfest

Artist, owner and proprietor of Cigars & Stripes Ronnie Lottz was up in arms when Sweet Pea, the one-of-a-kind 8 foot mummy, first went missing 5 months ago. A new 10 foot mummy with a cyborg-esque giant rotating chicken wing in his stomach will be unveiled at Cigars and Stripes BBQ Lounge on Thursday, October 25 just in time for the kick-off of  Freaktober Fest 4a 6-day annual festival of music, creepy art, live entertainment, BBQ  and delicious hand crafted beers all under one tent!

Ronnie commissioned artist Daryl Harris of Daryl Harris Studios to reinvent the infamous Sweet Pea who has been a regular on Route 66 in front of Cigars and Stripes for the past decade. Sweet Pea’s now futuristic space-alien-borg-mummy look is set to frighten all who dare enter his old stomping grounds. Sweet Pea’s a lot bigger…and a lot badder!!!

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