Curtain rises July 7 on 16th Street Theater’s new production

The Crowd You’re in With, Rebecca Gilman’s comedic exploration of the trials and tribulations of starting a family, opens July 7th at Berwyn’s acclaimed 16th Street Theater. Performances are scheduled each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through August 13th. Seats are limited. Tickets are available in advance and are available for purchase online.

Directed by Anish Jethmanlani, and featuring Sorin Browers, Michelle Courvais, Brad Harbaugh, Joan Kohn, Steve Ratcliff, Skyler Schremp, and Andy Slade. During a backyard barbecue on the 4th of July, we meet two couples in their early thirties – one on the brink of parenthood and the other trying to conceive. When the older couple from upstairs rattles the party, the friends’ sense of themselves and their future is changed. Are two people in love enough?

The 16th Street Theater is located in the Berwyn Cultural Center at 6420 16th Street. Free parking is available in the School District 98 parking lot across from Lincoln School, just one block west of the Berwyn Cultural Center.

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