Active Transportation Routes Fit for Transit Riders, Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Berwyn's Active Transportation Network MapBerwyn is greener and healthier than ever! Since 2012, the City of Berwyn has had an Active Transportation Plan along with a map of bike friendly routes and signage. CLICK MAP FOR PRINTABLE PDF.

Berwyn Active Transportation Plan (PDF)
The plan is composed of improvements to the physical infrastructure, policies, and programs that make it safer and more convenient for people to walk, bike, and use transit in Berwyn.

The Active Transportation Plan is making even more advances in helping Berwyn be more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians. East Avenue has received signage to indicate to drivers that East is a shared street for bicyclists. There will be bicycle signs posted on streets of importance that will further help drivers and bicyclists navigate all of Berwyn better together.

A variety of plans are also in the works to better serve the Active Transportation network that Berwyn is building. The Depot Streetscape Project will include pedestrian enhancements, such as signal improvements with countdown timers, signage and a striped bike lane, bike racks, bike rack shelters and lighting improvements. The City of Berwyn is applying for a grant to make streetscape improvements along 26th St., including sidewalk, lighting, bike racks, furniture and promoting pedestrian and bicycling to transit (bus). Riverside Drive, which is heavily used by bicyclists as it joins the route through Riverside, will be resurfaced this fall and updated with sidewalk and signal improvements. Sharrows (shared bike lanes) will not be completed, as standards have changed and Berwyn does not have the proper roadway width.

For information on bikeways, proper communication and dress, parking and a printable copy of Berwyn’s bike routes, see the flyer Bicycling in Berwyn.

With an eye on providing easy, safe options to live a healthier life in Berwyn, the City hopes this planning and policy work lays an important foundation for the future. These efforts have also inspired the formation of the Berwyn Active Transportation Committee, which can be followed on Facebook.

Berwyn worked in partnership with the Cook County Department of Public Health through the Model Communities Grant Program and the Active Transportation Alliance on a number of healthy community initiatives to help Berwyn become more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, making it safer and easier to travel actively without the need for a car. The initiatives have also ensured safe active travel to Berwyn’s primary schools and parks.