National Register campaign for the Berwyn bungalow continues

event-feature-bungalowsThe City of Homes organization has continued its project to have a Berwyn Bungalow District added to the National Register. Their first key milestone, a draft of the Field Survey and Inventory of over 1,500 properties, has been completed.  The inventory includes the following components:

  • Address
  • Architectural Style and/or Vernacular Resource Type
  • Photographs of the property
  • Contributing or Non-Contributing Rating

An interactive map of the homes, including their attributes listed above, can be found on the City of Homes website or at You can add comments, pictures or other documents to every house listed on the website. Residents and bungalow enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the site and add any additional pictures (such as historic property photographs, photographs of built-ins, windows, etc.) or any other historical knowledge about the houses listed.

There are some technical difficulties with mobile operating systems. If any other issues are identified, the group welcomes your feedback at or via Facebook (

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