Morton District 201 adopts 4th consecutive balanced budget

At a time when many school districts — as well as the State of Illinois — are struggling financially, the Board of Education of J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 adopted its fourth consecutive balanced budget at their regular monthly board meeting on Wednesday, September 11.

 “Despite the financial challenges and a significant decline in both state and federal aid, we are working hard to do right by taxpayers,” said Board President Jeff Pesek.

“Our focus is on delivering the highest possible quality of education for all of our students given the realities of the resources we have,” added Pesek. “These are tough economic times. Everyone is having to do more with less, and Morton High School District 201 is no different.”

“As we move forward and continue to plan for the future of our district — a future where education funding from the State of Illinois continues to remain uncertain — we will continue to do our best to protect and respect our local taxpayers and stakeholders and to do right by them by continuing to operate with balanced books,” concluded Pesek.

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