Love and Drowning opens on 9/20

Will Dunne, author of The Ascension of Carlotta, is back at the 16th Street Theater with a comic ode to Chekhov, Beckett, and Rod Serling. Love and Drowning starts Thursday, September 20 and runs through October 27.

One audience member each night this weekend Sept 20-22 will go home with a gift certificate to Freddy’s or Brando’s Beef. Next week enjoy drink and food all weekend long: Press Opening on Thu Sept 27, VIP Night is Fri Sept 28, and 100 Club Nights featuring food from Capri are Sat Sept 29 5pm and 8:30 PM. Come and toast the opening of a brand new play with us!

About Love and Drowning
Ella and Hank Harding have drowned. Or have they? After a boating accident that left them both clinically dead, the resuscitated couple now find themselves at a strange remote institute where life isn’t what it used to be. Love and Drowning explores the phenomenon of near-death experience and its impact on people’s lives.


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