Disc Golf Course May Be on the Horizon for Proksa Park, With Your Help

Donate today to help the Berwyn Park District create a 9 hole disc golf course for all to use! If fundraising meets its goal, Proksa Park should have a functional course no later than Oct 1.

Donate HERE*  http://www.fundyourpark.org/campaign/detail/4349
*Donations will be tax deductible through the 501(c)3 National Recreation and Park Association

About this Project

The Berwyn Park District is constructing a permanent 9-hole disc golf course at our beautiful Proksa Park. It is the largest open space in the surrounding area and is already home to some unique features. We have a stream and pond, a sprawling multi-age playground structure, and now we would like to boast a cutting edge disc golf course.

We hold unstructured play as important as our organized programming and would like to provide our community with a low impact but high engagement recreational opportunity. It will be low impact on the park, but will provide varying degrees of cardio exercise. This game allows people from all economic backgrounds a chance to play outside and enjoy their community. We believe this project will allow neighbors, and disc golf enthusiasts from all over, a chance to experience and enjoy Proksa Park in a whole new way that will really showcase the serenity and natural beauty of this park.

Every little bit helps, so we welcome charitable donations of all sizes. Please help the Berwyn Park District exceed the expectations of our community. 

How will this impact your community?

Our community is diverse and eclectic in its taste in recreation. This course will provide an unstructured activity for people of all ages and abilities that promotes outdoor enjoyment, social and natural interaction, and appreciation for the district as a whole.

This project will allow and encourage individuals to become more physically active and will help burn calories leading to better health and wellness. The location, Proksa Park, is the largest in the community. First developed in the 1920s, it is a mature recreational space that boasts impressive flowers, shrubs, and tress in addition to numerous recreational activities. Exposure to the natural beauty of the park will demonstrate conservation and preservation efforts to users in our land-locked community. Also, our local schools already use this park for physical education classes, so this program will become a great opportunity to help kids socialize and stay active while teaching new skills.

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