City of Homes org to nominate Bungalow District to National Register of Historic Places

bungThe City of Berwyn is pleased to announce that is has been selected as a recipient of a grant from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s (IHPA) FY 2014 Certified Local Government Grant (CLG) program. The program is funded through the Department of Interior and administered by the IHPA. The grants are awarded on a matching basis with Federal funds paying for up to 70 percent of the project cost and local funds making up the remainder.

The project, initiated by the City of Homes Organization, Inc. (“CoHo”), seeks to nominate the area roughly between Cermak Road, 26th Street, Harlem Avenue and Ridgeland Avenue to the National Register of Historic Places. The City and CoHo anticipate that the district, with over 1,400 homes, will become one of the largest Bungalow districts on the National Register. The grant will help cover the costs of the historical research required for the national register nomination.

CoHo is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to promoting the preservation, redevelopment, adaptive reuse and continued viability of Berwyn’s historic housing stock and in making Berwyn the primary destination in the Chicago area for families and individuals seeking an affordable, walkable, location-efficient and transit orientated community. The Berwyn Bungalow Preservation Initiative (BBPI) is a partnership between the City of Homes Inc. (CoHo) and the City of Berwyn to marry historic preservation and adaptive reuse. For more information, visit

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