Cinco de Mayo at La Lupita

This Cinco de Mayo, Lupita Figueroa will be celebrating more than just Mexico’s victorious battle over France. It was in May, 14 years ago, when she opened the restaurant that bears her name. It turned out to be just what Berwyn was missing: an unpretentious Mexican eatery offering meals that were not only affordable, but also incredibly authentic and flavorful. But the shop was so small it resembled more of a taco stand, and it wasn’t long before Lupita and her son, Salvador, decided it was time to expand in order to accommodate their growing clientele. The new-look shop features a festive vibe with rich colors throughout the expanded storefront and a full service bar. Lupita specializes in cuisine from her native Guerrero, a region in Central Mexico renowned for its exquisite moles and tasty pozoles. However, there’s plenty of other mouth-watering fare, such as the Guerrero-style Cecina, smoked beef served with rice, black beans, cactus and guacamole. Then there’s the Mixiotes, two pieces of chicken wrapped and steamed to perfection in aromatic chilies (guajillo and pasilla), herbs, and other spices such as thyme, marjoram and bay leaf. You will not be disappointed.

To help celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Lupita offers an impressive list of tequilas, mezcales, and almost every Mexican beer on the market. Prices are gentle, portions are appropriate. More importantly, Lupita shows customers her appreciation via that scarce but delectable invention: handmade tortillas. If you happen to stop by this local gem on May 5, be sure to congratulate Lupita on her milestone.

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