Channel your inner interior designer in Berwyn

You’ve seen the styles of homes around Berwyn—now it’s time to see how unique they are on the inside! Take a look at how these Berwynners each took their piece of history and made it their own. If you are looking for ideas to elevate your home’s natural beauty, you don’t have to go beyond Berwyn to find everything you need to make your space Instagram and Pinterest-worthy—all at an affordable price!

Living Elements

(Photo courtesy of Erin Dunphy)

(Photo courtesy of Brendan O’Connor)

One of the easiest ways to add color and liveliness to your home is with greenery, whether it’s a gardening or landscaping project, adding houseplants to a room, or if you want a beautiful flower arrangement to showcase while entertaining guests.

If you have a black thumb, don’t be discouraged! Some popular plants that thrive from neglect are peace lilies, African violets, aloe, tons of cactus varieties, zz plants, snake plants, ponytail palms, spider plants, pothos and philodendrons, just to name a few. You can also be creative and make your own terrariums for your succulents.

Pops of Prints & Color

(Instagram: @Goddess_domesticus)

(Instagram: @northboundon55)

(Photo courtesy of Brendan O’Connor)

Another easy way to refresh and renew your home is by simply adding interesting pops of color or designs. Add some eye-catching wallpaper, a splash of paint or a colorful piece of furniture to accentuate those beautiful and unique elements found in Berwyn homes.

Show off architectural elements

(Instagram: @northboundon55)

(Photos above and below courtesy of Andrea Fronc)

Here is a close-up detail of the built-in pictured above.


Your home most likely comes with beautiful original architectural details. Sometimes these details can be left alone like the beautiful details pictured above.

(Photo courtesy of Erika Corona-Owens)

(Photo courtesy of Erin Dunphy)

Sometimes these architectural details look like a sight for sore eyes, but all you need is a little imagination! Here we see a tin ceiling that has been painted to look like new while also adding height and a point of interest that people won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Another Berwynner took a porch that was once dull and turned it into a main feature.

Make your walls come to life

(Pictured above: The Outta Space)

Want splashes of color without the hassle? You can add some prints and pictures to liven up those walls. Good news is: Berwyn is chocked full of independent artists that craft unique and beautiful pieces of art. Check out the Craft & Vintage Market every 3rd Saturday of the month for beautiful handmade items to decorate your home with or head over to The Outta Space to purchase some awesome artwork. Not only are these artworks one-of-a-kind and great conversation starters—you are supporting your community at the same time!

Looking to buy a home?

If you are looking to buy a home and don’t know where to begin, visit one of our many realtors! Berwyn offers many great programs and is abundant with beautiful, affordable and diverse homes—learn more about the types of homes we have in Berwyn here.

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