Berwyn’s Bungalows One Step Closer to the National Register

It’s been a long time coming but Berwyn’s bungalows are that much closer to making it on to the National Register. For five years the City of Homes organization (CoHo) has been working to bring Berwyn’s historic bungalows to the forefront. On June 19th the Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council unanimously voted to add the bungalow district into the National Register.

With our huge collection of bungalows and historic homes, Berwyn is ready to become one of the largest bungalow districts in the National Register of Historic Places. The district borders are Cermak Road, 26th Street, Ridgeland Avenue and Home Avenue.


Many of the 1,290 designated single-family home bungalows feature unique and interesting details that differ them from their neighbors.

Mary Ellen Guest, Executive Director of CoHo, called the bungalows “incredibly sturdy homes” that shouldn’t be overlooked by new families looking to settle down.”We want to make sure modern families see these homes as places to raise a family.”

State approval pushed the final decision to name the bungalow district a national historic place in the National Register of Historic Places, which is overseen by the National Park Service. In the coming weeks, the keeper of the National Register in Washington is expected to approve placement of the Berwyn district on the list officially by October or sooner.

President of City of Homes, Nasri AbiMansour said, “When you are a volunteer and you don’t see the outcome of your work for five years, it takes a lot of patience. It is worth it.”


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