Berwyn remains the center of the area’s best Bohemian delicacies

Vesecky’s Bakery and Czech Plaza are the best places to treat yourself the “Czech” way, according to TimeOut Chicago Magazine. Treat yourself to Berwyn’s Czech mainstays and experience something truly extraordinary.

Vesecky’s Bakery  Vesecky’s Bakery is an old-school bakery stocked with a rich variety of treats and cookies, featuring a selection of handmade Eastern European goodies. “Here the koláčky, sweet, rectangular pastry filled with jams, poppy seeds or cheese—are a far cry from the ones you may have encountered on a cheap grocery store cookie platter. The oversized cookies are made with pastry dough reminiscent of pie crust, flaky and tender from the addition of cream cheese to the dough, and stuffed with a variety of fillings (we’re partial to the almond).”

Czech Plaza Menu  Czech Plaza has a quaint, cozy interior decorated with luxurious china plates and wood paneling. Order a mug of Czech beer like the “Praga Dark,” a rich dark lager, or the “Czechvar”, a Czech pilsner, both of which are on tap. The “Farmer’s Market” offers selections of meat, including tender roast pork, smoked pork butt, Polish sausage and a slice of meatloaf. The bread dumplings can be quite dangerous, the slices will fill you up a lot faster than you’d think.

Reviews quoted above were excerpts from TimeOut Chicago

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