Order seasonal, organic produce thru Autre Monde Cafe’s CSA share

Since its inception Autre Monde Café has made clear that it intends to be a neighborhood business that cares as much about its neighbors and the environment as they do about great food and service. Once again, Autre Monde will host a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) site in partnership with Montalbano Farms. Montalbano Farms is run by husband & wife team Christine and Rob Montalbano. Their mission is simple: to grow food forever. With a wide variety of customizable shares, they are repeatedly named Chicagoland’s best CSA farm and although they have been growing organically since their inception, they have applied for official designation.

Enrolling couldn’t be easier – residents can go directly to the Montalbano website to register. There are a variety of options for shares (fruit & vegetable, vegetable only, weekly or bi-weekly pick-up). The program also offers a low-income option to open up the reach of the program to all members of the community. For more information or to sign up for a share please click here.  They handle all enrollment and payment and Autre Monde just provides the pick-up location.

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