9 Fitness Classes to Try in 2016

Hop into one of these nine classes for a new take on breaking a sweat and getting fit in the new year.

Ahimsa Yoga Studio
3120 S Oak Park Ave, 708.476.6109
Try it: Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow classes link breath and movement to help strengthen the entire body, as well as lengthen tight muscles. Classes are non-competitive and students of any ability or experience are welcome.

Bounce Sportsplex
3310 Grove Ave, 630.430.0717
Try it: Private instruction sessions
Bounce Sports is transforming youth sports, wellness and fitness with innovative programs. Bounce offers high quality training, camps, leagues, fitness classes and private lessons for youth and adults in many sports including soccer, baseball and softball, lacrosse, basketball and fitness.

Fit Club
6936 Windsor Ave, 312.646.9797
Try it: Fit for Living
This unique small group training program focuses on functional movement, balance and strength training. Whether new to exercise, returning from an injury or simply seeking low to no impact exercises, this intelligently sequenced workout provides a challenge for all participants. Want to try it out risk-free? Reserve a free trial at fitclubdepot.com.

North Berwyn Park District
1619 S Wesley Ave, 708.749.4900
Try it: Cardio Box
Come float like a feather and sting like a bee! This Dynamic class incorporates traditional boxing skills, kickboxing techniques and circuit training to produce a powerful workout that enhances cardiovascular fitness, agility and upper-body strength.

2947 S Oak Park Ave, 708.749.0606 x 320
Try it: PAV Running Club and Clinic
Get ready for the 2016 Chicago running season and sign up for this 12-week program designed to prepare the novice through advanced for organized races. Every session includes running form, conditioning exercises and drills to increase your performance and avoid injury. Runs will vary in distance, tempo, speed and recovery. Track your progress with a weekly training schedule!

6508 W 34th St, 815.343.8212
Try it: Postural Assessment
Offers small group fitness classes, personal training and nutritional coaching. Each member begins with a postural assessment so they know how to tailor your workouts. They offer 15 classes per week and a weekly healthy food exchange for $75/month. There is no limit to how many classes you can attend. Personal training and health coaching rates vary based on level of commitment. Trainers are certified by Nationally Accredited programs.

Pulse Dance Studio
6800 W Cermak Rd, 708.317.5233
Try it: Adult Hip Hop Fitness
This high quality professional dance studio offers a variety of dance classes for all ages and levels. Dancing is the perfect way to stay fit and have fun! Due to overwhelming demand, Pulse is adding a new Adult Hip Hop Fitness class! Professional instructors combine their passion and professionalism to teach the classes in a fun way you will love. For details call Angie Willis at 708.785.7362.

Women’s Workout World
6342 W Cermak Rd, 708.788.0010
Try it: Group Functional Training
Offering everything from personal training, fitness assessments and their most popular class, Zumba, W3 gives you the push needed to enhance your lifestyle. Group Functional Training is a more affordable way to get the focused attention delivered by a personal trainer in a small group setting. Come kick, punch and scream out your frustrations today!

Sokol Tabor
1602 S Clarence Ave, 708.788.7977
Try it: Ballroom Dancing
Learn to Dance! Learn east coast swing & cha cha. Classes are held Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm until March 16. $7 daily drop in fee per person. For more information, contact Hallie Soulides at 630.781.3666 or Hsoulides713@gmail.com.

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